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Subject: Re: German newcomers in Amsterdam till 1811
Author: MarnixBerkhoff
Date: Friday, December 23, 2011
Classification: Query
Surnames: Berghoffer, Berghoff

Hello Eric, It is the same one. Grietje de Vette was buried 16 April 1789 at the Zuiderkerkhof. They lived that time at the Spiechelgracht. Johannes married again with Anna Magdalena Konink, who came from Bremen. The banns are dated 23 October 1789. Johannes place of origin is recorded here as Haringhuisen in Hessen. That´s all I have. I have no further ancestry of him. The ending "hoffer" is a local German variant of Berghoff, a "Hoffname". Kind regards, Marnix Berkhoff.