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Subject: German newcomers in Amsterdam till 1811
Author: MarnixBerkhoff
Date: Thursday, December 7, 2006
Classification: Query
Surnames: Berkhof, Berkhoff, Berkhoven, Berghof

Places of origin (with the found old name), names (including corruptions) and estimated birthdates of German newcomers in Amsterdam till 1811, according the publications of the banns. The ages mentioned in the banns are (in case of the Amsterdam-born) very reliable. Sometimes also information about familyrelatonships and/or religion were given. The places found in the banns are ‘translated’ with a program of the Amsterdam Archive. If you think you recognize someone, please let me know.

Bekhausen (Bekkinghuizen): Elizabeth Berkhoff*1705
Heessen (Heze): Jan Berkhoff *1727
Oestinghausen (Enstinghausen): Dirk Berghof *1712
Wessel (idem): Willem Berkhoff *1712
? (Auenhelfell): Hendrikes Berghof *1760

Dutch Reformed:
Hamm (Den Hamm): Caspar Berkhoff * 1695
Hamm (Den Hamm): Harmanus Berkhoff *1777
Hamm (Den Hamm): Hendrik Berkhoff *1680
Hamm (Den Hamm): Hendrik Berkhoff *1777
Hamm (Den Hamm): Jan Berkhoven *1777
Holdorf (Holdorp): Hendrik Berkhoff *1688
Höringhausen(Heuringhuizen): Johannes Berghöfer *1757
Uentrop (Untrop): Jan Dirk Berkhoff *1747
Unna (Onna): Barent Berchoef *1647
? (Lis): Frans Berkhoven *1715

? (Blankenstein): Godfried Berkhoff *1761

Bremen (idem): Beletje Berkhoven *1677
Dortmund (Dortmund): Margreta Berkhoff *1700
Dülmen (idem): Barent Berkhoff *1652
Hamm (Den Hamm): Engel Maria Berkhoff *1712
Hamm (Den Hamm): Grietje van Berkhoven * 1679
Hamm (Den Hamm): Hendrik Berkhoff *1669
Hamm (Den Hamm): Hendrik Berkhoff *1675
Hamm (Den Hamm): Matthijs Berkhoven *1669
Minden (idem): Margriet Berkhoven *1669
Oldenburg (idem): Jan Berkhoff *1696
Uelde (Ulden): Dirk Berghof *1670
Warendorf (Tierstadt): Evert Berghof *1709
? (Juelle): Barbara Berghof *1712
? (Lits): Hendrik Berkhoven *1695