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Subject: Re: Tongan Ancestor- Vavau-Lakeba-Fiji
Author: SOFI R
Date: Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Classification: Query
Surnames: RAIWALUI

just a lead to your search...I raised in this TUIKETEI family in Tubou, Lakeba, Lau...Ilisoni Tuiketei who raised me, he is the son of PASONI (Tonga) and Pasoni is the some of VAUBULA (Tonga)...Vaubula is son of Wellingtoni Gu (Tonga)....This family do come from the nobel line in Tonga....OLIVIA MOALA name do belong to this line of family now residing in Tubou, Lakeba, Lau....... one of Ilisoni Tuikei's daughter name Olivia Moala...and one of his son is Viliame Pasoni....I suppose that you can get a broader picture on your search by contacting this family guess if you talk to Viliame Pasoni who is very clear about their family connection to Tonga. you can contact me on 9435860 or email me sofilagi@yahoo.con