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Subject: Re: Crain/Oliver Marion County
Author: hickorytor1
Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2011
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1. Frederick McHone, named in honor of Frederick Moser, maternal grandfather, b. 1839-1840, Harrison, IN. In 1850, Fred, age 10, was growing up with his mother’s siblings whose ages varied from 12 to 23. His mother had died and her parents took the three children to raise them as part of their family. By 1860, his grandfather had died, and all the Moser children were probably married. Frederick moved out on his own. In 1860, his brother Abraham, age 18, and sister Dorothy, age 17, were living with Archibald Winders and his wife Elizabeth, and two children, ages 3 and 1. Elizabeth Winders was the former Elizabeth Moser, younger sister of their mother Catherine.
Fred moved to Marion IL and on 2 Oct 1864 he m. Rebecca L. Crain, born 1841, d. bef. 1880, daughter of Thomas Crain (b. 1808 TN) and Sarah R. Gibbs (b. c.1808 TN) of Illinois. (Rebecca was a sister to Sarah Crain who married Fred’s brother Abraham). His brother Abraham had joined the military and sister Dorothy was working as a domestic. Fred and his son Emmett are buried in Miller Cemetery in Clark Co. IL. In 1880 Fred was living with daughter Catharine R. and son Nelson in Marion IL.
1. Catherine R. McHone, b. 1865 IL, named for Fred’s mother.
2. Emmett Nelson McHone, b. 1868 IL.
3. Frederick McHone, b. 1870 IL, named for his father and great-grandfather. May have died young. He was not in the 1880 census.
2. Abraham McHone, b. c.1842 IN, d. 1894. By 1850, his mother Catherine had died and Abraham McHone, 8, his brother Fred, 10, and sister Catherine 7, were growing up in his Moser grandparents’ home with the Moser children whose ages were 12 to 23. By 1860, his grandfather Frederick Moser had died and his children were married. Abraham’s brother Frederick moved out on his own, and Abraham, age 18, and sister Dorothy, age 17, were living with Archibald Winders and his wife Elizabeth, and two children, ages 3 and 1. Elizabeth was their aunt, the former Elizabeth Moser. In 1870, Abraham was living with his brother Fred and his family in Indiana. He was returned from the military but was not married.
Abraham fought with the Union Army during the Civil War. He enlisted on 1 Oct. 1861at Barren IN and was mustered into service at Jeffersonville IN on 21 Nov. 1861 for a 3-year period. He was placed in Co. C. in an Indiana regiment, and was in Co. C. and H., Indiana Infantry. (Film No. M540, Roll 49). He survived the war and was mustered out on 21 Nov. 1864. According to war records, he was 21 years old (he fudged by a couple of years to enlist), had gray eyes, black hair, was 5’6’’ and had a dark complexion. He received his discharge at Indianapolis IN on 29 Nov. 1864. Sa rah died in 1893 in Clark IN, at age 56. Abraham died the same year at age 54.
After the war was over, he moved to Marion IL to live with his brother Fred and his family, and his sister Dorothy, on Fred’s farm. They were all living in the household of Fred and his wife Bekka L. (Crain), 29, and their children Catherine R., 4; Emmett N., 1; and Frederick, 2 months.
Abraham m. Sarah Crain (named in honor of her mother Sarah) 24 Aug. 1871 in Marion, IL. He was 32 and she was 34 years old. She was born c. 1839 IL, d. 1894 Clark Co. IN, daughter of Thomas Crain (b. 1808 TN) and Sarah R. Gibbs (b. c.1808 TN) of Marion IL, and was a sister to Bekka Crain McHone, wife of Abe’s brother Frederick. In the 1880 census, they were still living in Marion IL, but before 1890, Fred’s wife was dead, and so was his sister Dorothy. In 1890, three grieving families returned by covered wagon to southern Indiana. These included widower Fred and two of his three children; the widower husband and son of sister Dorothy; and Abraham and his family. Both Abraham and Sarah, and daughter Quintilla were dead by 1894. They are all buried in Miller Cemetery in Clark Co. IN.
1. Quintilla McHone, b. c.1872, Marion Co. IL, d. c.1894 Clark Co. IN, at age 26. She is bur. in Miller Cemetery. We have found no record of a marriage for her.
2. Richard Abraham McHone was b. 29 Aug. 1878 Marion Co. IL, d. 10 Jun. 1958 Louisville KY. When his parents and sister died in 1894, he became an orphan and was alone at the age of 16. He worked for different farmers and did any work he could until he was 21 years old. He also worked as a carpenter. He enlisted in the Spanish American War for four years. He m. Leila Leota Jackson 1 Dec. 1903 in New Albany IN at age 26. She was b. 29 Jul. 1882 at Borden IN, d. 4 Apr. 1947 at New Albany, daughter of Andrew Jackson and Mary Cassandra Butts Jackson. She is bur. at Graceland Cemetery in New Albany. They had four children.
1. Ruth Virginia McHone, b. 29 Aug. 1904 New Albany IN; m. Glenn C. Porter 25 Nov. 1926 at Clarksville IN. He was a preacher and she was a teacher.
1. Virginia Jean Porter, b. 6 Aug. 1928 New Albany IN; m. 31 Jan. 1948 to Eugene V. Knight, son of Leonard J. Knight and Nellie Garnett. They had three children.
2. Bruce C. Porter, b. 9 Sept. 1930 New Albany IN; m. 21 Aug. 1952 Edwardsville IL to Beverly Jean Orman, b. 2 Jul. 933, daughter of Earl Orman and Dorothy Egan Orman. Bruce was a chaplain. Four children.
3. Sheila Irene Porter, b. April 16, 1933 New Albany IN; m. Edward E. Broadus 14 Jun. 1952. Two children.
4. Wesley G. Porter, b. 16 Apr. 1935 New Albany IN; m. Phyllis J. Bright, 30 Aug. 1958, daughter of Ralph D. Bright and Lillie Knight Bright. They lived in Washington IN. Two children.
2. Sarah Cassandra McHone, b. 27 May 1907 Clarksville IN, d. 1962; m. 1925 to Marion Cooley. Two children.
3. Richard Jesse McHone, b. b. 10 Aug. 1909 Carwood IN, d. 5 Feb. 1945 New Albany IN; m. Mildred Rose Moss 11 Sept. 1929 New Albany. She was b. 13 Feb. 1911 New Albany, daughter of James Leslie Moss and Edna Sue Beyerle Moss. Drove truck for plywood industry. Affiliated with United Brethren Church. Four children.
4. William Walter McHone, b. 19 Dec. 1913 New Albany IN; m. 9 Jun. 1934 at Elizabeth IN to Ruth Randolph. She was b. 9 Jun. 1916, d. 1 Aug. 1978, daughter of Ira Randolph and Eura Combs Randolph.
3. Otto McHone was b. c.1883 Marion Co. IL, d. 1885, age 2. 3. Dorothy McHone, b. c.1843 Indiana, and d. Marion Co. IL before 1880. In 1850, Dorothy, age 6, was growing up with the Moser children whose ages were 12 to 22. By 1860 Frederick Moser had died, and her older brother Frederick had moved out on his own. Dorothy, at 17 and her brother Abraham, 18, were living with Archibald Winders and his wife Elizabeth, and two children, ages 3 and 1. She worked as a domestic. Elizabeth Winders was her aunt, nee Elizabeth Moser, who married Archibald Winders in 1855. Elizabeth m. John Crain and had one son. She died in Marion Co. IL, and John and their son returned to Clark County IN when all of the rest of the family returned in 1890.
1. William M. Crain, b. c.1875 in Marion IL. His mother Dorothy may have died at this time, because in the 1880 census in Marion IL, William M. Crain, nephew, was living in the household of Dorothy’s brother Abraham and his family. His father was still living in Marion but probably couldn’t care for him alone due to his work.
4. Steward McHone, b. Sept. 1849 Harrison IN, son of Enoch and Julia Ann Baldwin. He was living with his widowed mother Julia Ann McHone and her Slaughterback children in the 1850 census. He was 2 years old. No other information has been found.