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Subject: Tongan Birth Certificate
Author: frostcube9
Date: Monday, August 8, 2011
Classification: Query


I have for months now, been trying to get a hold of someone in Tonga that can provide my partners birth certificate, but to no avail. He was born in tonga in Vaavau but has resided here in New Zealand since he was 5 years old, i am going through the immigration process now, applying under partnership and immigration need a copy of his passport, which he lost years ago but we cannot get one until he gets his birth cert, we have tried every number we have been given, emailed immigration officers and the passport office in Tonga, but Im not seeming to be getting the correct information from anyone, can someone please help me with the right contact details, if i dont have this got in the the next few weeks i will probably get deported, we are at our wits end, im beginning to loose all hope, can someone please help me.