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Subject: Margaret "Maggie"Bradford
Author: JenAndBillSr
Date: Monday, June 3, 2019
Classification: Query
Surnames: Brafor Griffith

I was wondering if anyone out there knows anything about a woman named Margaret Bradford. She was born in Ireland, possibly England in 1857. After she immigrated to the US, which was sometimes between 1857 and 1877, She married a man named Benjamin J. Griffith from Chester Co,Pa. She had two daughters that i know of, more than likely there were more children born between the time she married and her death in 1892. The two children I know of were Bertha, born in 1879 and Mary born in 1882. Mary was married to Clarence Bower of Philadelphia, PA. I estimate she married Benjamin Griffith about 1877 or 1878. I do not know for sure rather the marriage took place in Pa. or another state. I have not been able to find anything definitive regarding her immigration, birth, parents names, etc. If anyone out there has possible information regarding where this woman was born, who her parents were, or anything else that could be useful, please let me know. I have been stuck at this point in her tree for a long while now and would love to find out who she was and continue to add to this part of my tree. Thank you in advance!!