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Subject: Re: interesting about Donald Seguin
Author: LaTupper
Date: Saturday, March 2, 2013
Classification: Query

Bill: We're related, all right. Vera Mae Tupper Robinson was my great-aunt. Her brother Orin Tupper was my grandfather. Orin's second child of eight, Ed, was my father, born in Crandon, Wis., in 1919. The last survivor of the eight kids, Margaret, died Tuesday at 87. Regarding the Tuppers' shunning of Almeda, I also heard it was because of Almeda having an Indian ancestor (which she did; I can tell you more about that if you're interested). I believe it was Elida Van Patten Tupper (Stafford's mother) who had the greater part of the problem with Almeda, and the irony here is that Elida had more Indian ancestry (Mohawk) than Almeda! I'm sure the French issue played a role, too, though. I can send you a history of the family, including the English, French and Dutch lines (and Indian lines), all dating to the early 1600s, if you'd like. I worked it up after a Tupper family reunion in Crandon in 2000. One of the Robinson clan at the reunion was Mary Newmyer. She and I were in close contact for quite a while before and after the reunion, but gradually lost touch. Mary must either be your sister or cousin. It's great to be in touch with you, Bill.