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Subject: Benjamin, Reuben, Joseph Tinsley Woodruff; important info
Author: bgreyharris
Date: Thursday, June 22, 2000

First, James A. Woodruff, Jr., please, please contact me. I have attempted to contact you for over a year. The email address I was given was evidently not working. I have posted in the Woodruff Genforum requesting your answer, too! You can tell I am desperate to visit with you concerning the Georgian Woodruffs.

Also, this is for Rae, too. I have posted MUCH info on the Woodruff Genforum concerning information on Benjamin and Joseph Tinsley Woodruff. At the time I posted, I put ALL the info I knew out there for all to see and share. I kept hoping and praying I would hear from James A. Woodruff, Jr. Someone sent me an email this afternoon, mentioning they had send all these postings, and thought I might be interested! What a wonderful person! Anyway, I would LOVE to get James' email address, and get/stay in contact with anyone who is interested in this difficult line. I have some more info concerning a JOHNS family with ties to the Woodruffs. It is a real enigma; I will attempt to post info tonight on both Genforum, this board, and the Woodruff Genconnect board.

PLEASE contact me, Joan Woodruff Harris