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Subject: Re: information on Dave Whale of the Oklahoma Choctaws Band - late 1800's
Author: NicOkla
Date: Monday, July 8, 2019
Classification: Query
Surnames: Whale

David Whale's (roll# 5974 card#2074) parents are Wesley Whale & Amanda/Manda/Mandy Watson (roll#1661 card#686) aka/Whale/Tikbattubbee aka Wilkins/Gibson

Amanda Watson's parents are Isaac Watson & Melvina/Vina possibly Folsom?

Amanda had many siblings Joseph Watson father of Thomas Watson, Elizabeth Watson Robinson mother of Asa Robinson & Sophia Watson just to name a few

David Whale married his 1st cousin Elmira Watson (roll#15414 card#2074) daughter of Joseph Watson

David Whale may have had a full sister named Sophrano (sp?), he did for sure have (3) half siblings named:

1. George Wilkins (roll# NR-died card#2114) married 1st cousin Melvina Watson (roll#15415 card# 2114) daughter of Joseph Watson

2. Podeine Wilkins (roll#6214 card# 2151) /Watson/Anderson married 1st cousin Thomas Watson (roll# 13865 card# 5633) son of Joseph Watson

3. Wilmon Wilkins/Gibson (roll# 1662 card# 686)

Thomas Watson (roll# 13865 card# 5633) son of Joseph Watson & Rosanna Norman is NOT the same Tom/Thomas Watson who was the famous sheriff (from what I have been told). I do believe they are related starting back with Isaac Watson's other children somewhere but don't have good data. This Thomas Watson (roll# 13865) died very young in 1903 at about 23-24 years old. He did marry his 1st cousin Podeine Wilkins & have (3) children before he died. Mary Jane 1899, Isic 1901 ish. & Charley 1903. After his death Podeine married an Anderson & had several more children.

David Whale also was pretty young when he died along with his brothers George Wilkins whom died around 1900 ish & Wilmon Gibson/Wilkins who died before 30. Sorry, I don't have exact info in front of me. David Whale did file his mom Amanda land for her due to her health. Then she took the rights back, I can only assume after David's death. It's all in Amanda's Land Jacket file for (roll# 1661 card# 686).

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