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Subject: Durst, Markee, Kautzer
Author: mcruz9498
Date: Thursday, May 24, 2001

Hi Karen,
My name is Mary Cruz. My father was William Kautzer. His parents were Martin & Mary Markee Kautzer. Until a year ago I did not know anything about my fathers family. He died when I was very young and was not very talkative about his family. All we knew was that he was born in Wisconsin, I managed to get a little information about him from my mother and older sisters and brother. But got enough to start investigating the Kautzer's. My mother left a few documents and photos. I posted a message on the Kautzer ancestery message board. I heard back from William Zinzli in Wisconsin. turns out his wife Julie is my fathers sisters (Agatha) grand daughter.I found an old wedding photo with my father in it. I sent it to the Zinzli's, it was the wedding photo of Agatha. There are 165 decendants of Martin and Mary Kautzer. William sent me the Kautzer family tree and I posted it to family tree. Through more research I have found Mary's parents, Frank and Susan Markee. Franks fathers name was Joseph.
Mary & Martin had 5 children, one was Teresa Kautzer who married George Durst. Their daughter Tracy married Joseph Greul. There was not much information on the Gruel's, only two children, Regis & Eulia. Let me now if this sounds as though this is the family you are looking for. My email address is: Let me know if you would like more information. I can give you the address for the family tree site, and instuctions on how to use it if you are interested.

Mary Cruz