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Subject: Holmes-Corey Ltd Legit?
Author: MikeShkor
Date: Thursday, January 12, 2017
Classification: Query

I have a document from my great grandparents, dated 1980, that claims their family first arrived in America aboard the ship Wyoming in 1870, which was owned by the Guion line.

An included piece of paper claims this information came from the records of Holmes-Corey, Ltd. I can't find much information about this company online, and it doesn't seem to exist any longer.

What makes me suspect, is that I found the ship described in the document, but it was BUILT in 1870, and didn't sail until 1871. When it did sail, it sailed from Liverpool to NY, and while it's possible my polish family sailed by way of liverpool, I question it.

Does anyone have any information about Holmes-Corey, Ltd.

Edit: Looks like they were "Forcibly dissolved" in the early 80s.