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Subject: Castle Rae Largall - County Armagh, Ireland = Benjamin & Isabelle Nicolson MacKEE
Author: Wm. Tharratt
Date: Saturday, November 11, 2000
Classification: Query

Searching for information regarding the connection between:

"Castle Rae Largall - County Armagh, Ireland" and the family of "Benjamin & Isabelle Nicolson MacKEE (MacKIE)".

I have a family history handwritten by S.E.(McALLISTER) GALLUT (b: 09 Jul 1858 in Sonora, California, USA), the great-great granddaughter of Benjamin MacKEE (MacKIE). The document is believed to have been written circa 1940.

The beginning portion of the "famaily record" reads as follows:

"Family Record Mothers side
Benjamin & Isabelle Nicolson MacKee Castle Rae Largall County Armagh, Ireland.
Benjamin Mackee. His mother's maiden name was Douglas.
Isabelle Nicolson Mackee. Her sister maried Brownlee

Benjamin & Isabelle Mackee had six daughters and one son.

MARY MACKEE. What became of her is not known.

SARAH MACKEE. Married Williamson. They had ten children.
John --- James --- Sam --- William --- Joseph --- Benjamin --- Gabriel --- Isabel --- Sarah Ann --- Eliza.
Eliza Williamson married Hugh Wilkinson. They had five daughters and one son.
Sarah --- Margaret --- Isabelle --- Jessie --- Lizzie and Hugh.

JANE MACKEE. married Robert King. They had two daughters. Ellen and Margaret.

ISABELLE MACKEE. married Joseph Pearson. They had one daughter. Sarah Jane.

BENJAMIN MACKEE. never married.

REBECCA MACKEE. married Isaac Whitfield. They had ten children.

ANNE MACKEE. married William Douglas. They had three daughters and two sons.
Ann Douglas born Dec 16, 1826.married Archibald McAllister born Jan 3 1827,Armagh, on October 05 1853 in Orange, New Jersey, USA.
Henry Douglas born June 12 1829, Armagh married Ann Potter born 1826. They had nine children.
Cherry Douglas born Nov 2, 1832 married John Nevin. They had five children.
John --- Mary --- Ida --- Hugh and Priscilla.
William Douglas born Oct 15, 1834 married Hannah ----- They had eight children.
Cherry --- William --- Hannah --- Jenny --- Lulu --- Lily --- Harry and Arthur
Isabelle Douglas born Feb 23 1838 married O. Curtis, Rev. Richard Cook, and William Wilkinson. "
>>>> I have further information on the descendants of DOUGLAS(S) family.>>>>

The families of Archibald & Ann {DOUGLAS(S)} McALLISTER and Henry & Ann {POTTER} DOUGLAS(S) emmigrated to the Sonora California Gold Fields circa 1850. Archibald McALLISTER was murdered in 1863 in Sonora. Both Henry DOUGLAS(S) & Ann {POTTER} DOUGLAS(S) died in Sonora in 1900. Their son Alexander DOUGLAS(S) is buried in Sonora with his mother Ann {POTTER} DOUGLAS(S). Adjacent to them, in the same family plot, are James M.WILLIAMSON, William J. WILLIAMSON, and Hariet A. WILLIAMSON.

Any information about any of the above persons or families or historical information on Castle Rae would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Wm. THARRATT