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Subject: RE.Siblings Homer Barkus
Author: Dana Hilkey
Date: Friday, October 6, 2000

Homer Barkus was born Sept. 30th 1893 and had a twin brother Howard, Homer's name was Homer Andrew His brother was Howard Bennie. There were other 1/2 siblings from another marriage and they were from the Stolicker's clan out of Canada. Homer's 1st wife died and he then married her sister Sara. they had 3 children
Charles,(Raydean not sure of spelling) and Noreen, all of those children are still living to my knowledge. They in turn had children but am unsure how many as when Howard and Homer died we have lost touch with several family members. If this sounds like this is more of a link to family let me know and I'll get you more imformation. Homer did have a physical disability. If you know what that was then we are related..