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Author: Kristin Wright
Date: Saturday, January 22, 2005
Classification: Query

May have some information you are looking for!!!

To begin with my name is Kristin Wright, I am 14 Years old. I was looking over the internet to see what I could find out about my family. I saw your message on the board and this is what I have.

My Grandfather's (Kenneth Wright) Great Grandfather was Richard Wright. William Elphus Wright was Kenneth Wright's Grandfather he was married to Narcissa Howell Wright. They had four children named Voidry Wright, John Wright, Arcie Wright, and Beuna Wright. Voidry Wright had Three Children named Willie Wright, Vada Wright, Kenneth Wright. John Wright had six children (I'm not sure of thier names). Beuna Wright had three children (I'm not sure of their names). Willie Wright was married to Dorthy Workman Wright. Vada was married three times first to Thurman Beam, second to Will Devine, and third to Lee Cornwell. (neither Vada Wright or Willie Wright had no children). Kenneth Wright was married to Mary Frances Walker Wright And had two children Marvin Wayne Wright And Gene Voidry Wright. Marvin Wayne Wright had no children. Marvin Wayne Wright was not married. Gene Voidry Wright was married to Renee Houser Wright. Gene and Renee had one child named Kristin Wright.

If this helps anyone please e-mail me at