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Author: Steve and Theresa Wright
Date: Saturday, May 30, 1998
Classification: Query

Oct 2 1997
I have a branch of the Wright family starting out in Southampton County Virginia that I can't seem to go any further back on. Job Wright was born about 1757 we think in Southampton County Virginia. We have a receipt dated October 1781 where he donated beef for public use. He married a Sarah Newton we think in VA because she died 27 april 1811 in Mecklenburg co. VA according to their son's bible, which
is still in the family. Job, sons Newton and John then moved to Rutherford County (Cleveland Co) North Carolina with their wives and children after 1813 when Newton came back from war 1812. Shortly before they left, Newton married SARAH FARMER. Job had a sister, Salley, who married a "Griffin" and lived in Georgia. We have a copy of a letter she wrote to Job dated 04 April 1813 addressed to him in Mecklenburg County VA. The letter was delivered by a "Mr. Flomroy or Floumroy". We have Job's line all the way to the present on Newton and Jack. Job and Sarah's four children are as follows:
A. - NEWTON (our direct line) b. 21 april 1792 possibly in Mecklenburg Co. VA. We have Newton's wife's widow's
pension application (SARAH FARMER WRIGHT) from his service in war of 1812, and it lists their children: 1.
John Henry Wright (20 Sept. 1820 d? in Missouri); married #1 Sarah Ester Lackey b. 1818 in NC; children: a..
Catherine Wright married Pink Petty; b. Sidney Wright married Maggie Ford; married #2 Sallie Cline; married #3
Martha Pollard; children: c. Mary Wright d. a boy, ______ Wright; married #4: unknown (a widow from Missouri)
2. Richard Wright 12 May 1822 d. 31 July 1890; married #1 Nancy Alexander; children: a. Noah Wright; b.
Lawson Alexander Wright; c. Katherine Wright Revels Skidmore; d. Jane Wright McSwain; e. Susan Howell
Wright; f. Phillip A. Wright; married #2 ______ Blakely; children: g. William Elphus Wright; h. Barbra Wright;
married #3 Mary Ann Morrison; children: i. David C. Wright; j. Frank Wright; k. Minnie Florence Wright Stroup
3. Mary Wright Vaughn b. 03 may 1824; d. 04 july 1901; married Jackson Vaughn b 1829; d. 1860's no children 4.
Drury Wright b. 14 may 1827 5. Newton Wright Jr. 01 june 1829; married _____ Hammer 6. Sarah Wright b. 12
august 1831 d. 26 may 1860 7. Rebecca wright martin b. 25 june 1833; d. 2 june 1879; married thomas wilson
martin b 03 august 1846; d. 05 may 1925; children: a. Edward Frank Martin; b. Zora J. Martin Auton; c. Thomas
Isaac Martin 8. James Wright b 06 july 1836 9. George W. Wright (19 july 1838; d. 19 april 1921) buried
Friendship Cemetary; married Martha N. Willis (Sept 1845; d. 26 january 1921.; children: a. Frank Wright, b.
Alice Wright, c. George T. Wright, d. Sarah C. Wright, e. F. Louvena Wright, f. Noah A. Wright, g. Lena Wright
10. William Harrison Wright (25 july 1840; d. 30 april 1922) married Effie J. Lackey; children: a. Thomas N.
Wright; b. Callie (Wright) Elliott; c. Dovie Ann (Wright) Griffin; d. William Wright; e. Rainie Lyillia (Wright)
Glascoe; f. Minnie (Wright) Williams; g. Essie (Wright) Wilkins; h. Bessie (Wright) Elliott; i. John D. {Dobbie}
Wright 11. Berry Wright (25 july 1843; d. 27 june 1862 - twin of perry below) 12. Perry Wright (25 july 1843; d.
1937) married Sarah Ann Costner, sister of Daniel Costner; children: a.. James Andrew Jackson Wright ((my
husband's g-grandfather); b. Gamewell Feander Wright; c. Fidelia Wright; d. Susana Wright; e. Ida Roxanna
(Wright) Watts; f. Amanda Wright; g. Carlos Elester Wright 13. Francis Wright (b 20 october 1845; d?); married
Mary Howell; children: a. Julius P. Wright; b., Amzi F. W. Wright; c. Leilla (Wright) Smith; d. Augustus A. Wright;
e. Berry A. Wright; f. Enoch A. A. Wright; g. Perry Dock J. Wright; h. David V. Wright; i. Dora (Wright) Lambert
B. - GEORGE (born before 1794) he moved to georgia and had a son named job; C. - JOHN (Jack) b 5 may 1794
d. 11 september 1861; married peggy boswell on 14 february 1822; children: 1.William James Wright married
Betsy Newton 15 december 1840; children: a. Nancy, b. William Henry, c. Mary Frances (Wright) Wright; d. Alma
Wright, e. James Berry Wright, f. Martha Caroline Wright; g. Susan Wright; h. Cynthia Alice Wright; i. John
Franklin Sod Wright 2. Lucinda (Wright) McSwain married George Washington McSwain 13 may 1841; children:
a. Sarah Elizabeth McSwain Hamrick Champion; b. Mary Elizabeth McSwain Blanton; c. John David McSwain; d.
Nancy Jane McSwain; e. Margaret Lucinda McSwain Melton; f. J. Cynthia McSwain Green; g. George
Washington McSwain Jr.; h. William Kaiser McSwain 3. Mary Wright 4. Nancy Wright 5. George Washington
Wright 6. Job Wright, Jr. 06 may 1827; d. civil war chancellorsville 2-3 may 1863; married cynthia hendrick;
children: a.. amos wright; b. margaret wright felmont grigg 7. William Madison Wright b 2 august 1829; d. 1883;
married #1 - 12 may 1859 to susanna bostic, d. 18 october 1863; married #2 eunice elizabeth bostic (sister of
susanna) 19 april 1866; children: a. mary ann margaret wright davis; b. martha jane wright; c. sarah alice wright; d.
john bosel wright; e. charles clinton wright; f. j. s. wright 8. Sally Wright 9. John B. Wright 10. Drury Dobbins
Wright, Sr. b 01 march 1835; d. 1920 in rutherford co.; married nancy warlick bagles; children: a. william p. wright;
b. john r. wright; c. drury dobbins wright jr; and d. charlie swan wright 11. Margaret Elizabeth Wright D. - MARY
(mary married a "Jackson" and stayed in Mecklenburg Co. Virginia. Newton's and Jack's lines we
have mostly to the present. It's Sarah Newton and Job Wright's parents and salley wright griffin and any other
brothers and sisters and children we are looking for. I'm at a standstill and if you think you might have a lead on
this, I would appreciate your email. I have published Job Wright: Nine Generations in 1996. This 184- page book
contains all the descendants to the present that I have here so far. I am looking to do a Volume II. Any information
you could supply would be greatly appreciated thanks!