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Subject: Voute family, Norfolk - originally French?
Author: Poppy Jones
Date: Saturday, September 15, 2018
Classification: Query
Surnames: Voute, Vout, Vowte, Vought, Vaught

Hi all,

I have traced my Voute family branch back to Bartholomew Voute, who died in 1618 in Blickling, Norfolk.

This is the last concrete record I have - however I have seen from Ancestry family trees that others believe that Bartholmew’s parents or grandparents originally came from a place called La Voute in Ain, France.

The trees I’ve seen don’t give any sources other than other Ancestry family trees, so I am struggling to get back to where this information originally came from.

Encouragingly, I have found the Voute name in a book about the families of “strangers” who came to Norwich as Protestant refugees from France, Belgium and Holland.

It would mean a lot to be able to verify we are descended from French refugees.

Is anyone able to help me with further information on the Voute family's French heritage and how I might be able to prove it?

Thanks very much in advance,