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Subject: Re: For Brian - Isaac & Moses Martin
Author: oldnate
Date: Thursday, December 16, 2010
Classification: Query

Does anyone have a copy of a book titled "Carolina Scots" and written by Douglas E. Kelly and Caroline Switzer Kelly. It is a geanolical study of over a 100 years of Scottish immigration into North Carolina and has many of the names we are researching including MARTIN. If not it would surely be in the bigger libraries.

From the little shown in the index the MARTINS seemed to be located in Moore County, NC - then after the Revolutionary War started spreading out all over the place just as they spread out again after the Civil War.

Here is what I could get from that Index -


Chapter Four Some 1739 Argyll Colony Families, and other Early Settlers in Mid-Cumberland and Harnett Counties: McNeill, McAllister, Smith, McKay, Clark, McLean, Darroch

Chapter Five The Buie Family Settles in Carolina and then Moves Westward: Buie, McDuffie, Patterson

Chapter Six The Most Scottish County in North Carolina: Bethune, Cameron, Black, Patterson, Blue, Ferguson, Dalrymple, McCallum

Chapter Seven Skye Families in Moore County: Martin, McIver, McGilvary, Murchison, Kelly, McIntosh, McLeod, Keith, McCaskill, McKenzie, McDonald, McCrummen/McCrimmon

Chapter Eight Families of Western Cumberland, Robeson, and [Present] Hoke Counties: Monroe/Munroe, McKeithan, Currie, Johnson, McPhaul, Conoly

Chapter Nine Families of the Longstreet Church Area of Cumberland County: McFadyen, Lindsay, Gillis, McInnis, McDiarmid, McRacken

Chapter Ten Families of Upper Robeson and Scotland [Richmond] Counties: McNair, McKinnon, MacQueen, McRae, McArn, Graham, Brown, McNeill, McCallum, McMillan

Chapter Eleven "Lumber River Scots", Robeson County and Lower Cape Fear: McLean, Purcell, McIntyre, Torrey, Gilchrist, Mcleod, Fairly, McKeithan, McColl/McCall, McMillan

Chapter Twelve Highland Scots in the Pee Dee Area of South Carolina: Carmichael, McIntyre, McLaurin, McColl, McRae, Henderson, Brown, McEachern, McDonald, McLellan, McDaniel

Epilogue South and West From Carolina