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Subject: Re: Looking for Family from Lebanon
Author: CAvelarDutra
Date: Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Classification: Query
Surnames: Daher

hello...yes, there was another brother (other then Uncle Nick) :)) his name was Ness (aka: Nessab(?) my Grandpa. He died at 100 & 1/2 years old. Last year. I believe Uncle Nick passed as well...but don't quote me on that, My Grandpa Ness & his wife Margret used to take me and my sister for Thanksgiving to visit uncle Nick, Aunties Jasmine and Kay in Redwood City when we where little. Your Grandmother was his sister. Which means we are? (thank God for Google) lol. Second Cousin. Grandchildren of siblings are called Second Cousns~ that is you and I. And your that makes my Father Daniel Sheppard Daher and his sisters Sharon and Buddie& your parent on the Daher side(is it,your Mother or Father?)... First cousins, They live in San Jose CA