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Subject: Maloberti branch - family of Maria Antonia Preli's husband
Author: rominatr
Date: Monday, December 13, 2010
Classification: Query

Before I've posted a long message about Maloberti branch but internet connection failed -.-

I try to resume, without too much dates:

Antonio Maloberti (abt. 1765 Gambaro) + Lucia Cagnolari (abt. 1768)

-Giuseppe Luigi Maria M (1792 Edifizi - 20 jan 1853 Edifizi)
-Giuseppe Antonio M

Giuseppe Luigi Maria + Maria Antonia Preli (1808 Gambaro - 1858\1859)

-Maria Francesca
-Rocco 2nd
-Giuseppe Giovanni Maloberti (29 may 1853)

Except Maria Francesca and Giuseppe all of these children died very young. In the case of Antonio and Rocco there are a record that say about Pietro M son of Giacomo M as neighbour and I think that I know this M family in my researches (but unfortunately they are not my relatives).
I've the dates for the children, if you want I will post them.

Giuseppe Giovanni + (1 oct 1875) Rosa Vittoria Valla (1855 Gambaro)

-Virginia Livia Clementina (1879 Gambaro)
-Maria Anna (8 jul 1882 Gambaro)
-Luigia Giuseppa (28 feb 1884 Gambaro)
-Desolina (1886 Gambaro)
-Pietro (1899 Gambaro)

Clementina married the 14 feb 1901 Valentino Giacomo Barbieri (b. 8 oct 1874 Gambaro).

I've found a lot of other things, but I don't know if you already have this knowledge.

Many thanks to Anthony Barbieri. I take all of these news from his records.