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Subject: Re: looking for my father's relatives
Author: DiddeC
Date: Saturday, February 22, 2014
Classification: Query

Hi, wondering if you found out about your relatives. As a general comment re queries in general, people have a better chance of getting help by adding date of birth for all individuals mentioned in their opening query (or approximate year, if known) and specific locations and so on. The post "Maria" is particularly scanty on information, lol. Wondering if this is one of the families mentioned, below? I hope you both found what you were seeking. If you still need help, holler.

San Salvador, Caguas, Puerto Rico
Silverio Figueroa Y Reyes 46
Pilar Cuadrado De Figueroa 30
Ana Figueroa Y Cuadrado 16
Angel Figueroa Y Cuadrado 15
Francisca Figueroa Y Cuadrado 12
Francisco Figueroa Y Cuadrado 9
Victorio Figueroa Y Cuadrado 7
Bernardo Figueroa Y Cuadrado 5
Crucita Figueroa Y Cuadrado 2
Leonarda Infan Figueroa Y Cuadrado 0
Manuel Mulero Y Figueroa 2