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Subject: Harbeson in Allentown PA 1850s m. Miss Leslie
Author: Mark_Amanns
Date: Thursday, November 11, 1999

I am searching for the descendants of an Irish immigrant girl and her husband whose last name was "Harbison" (or maybe Harbeson), said to be of a prominent family of Allentown PA. The girl was one of two sisters, Eliza Ann LESLIE or Matilda LESLIE. Likely they married in the 1850s.

Their parents were George Leslie and Margaret Caskey who emigrated from Coleraine, County Londonderry, Ireland and arrived at Philadelphia PA on the ship "Erin" on 21 May 1838.

Father: George Leslie (b. 1800-01)
Mother: Margaret Caskey (b. 1799-1800)
Dau #1: Eliza Ann (b. 1829-30)
Dau #2: Margaret Jane (b. Aug 1831 or 1832?)
Dau #3: Matilda (b. 1833-35)

Jane Leslie (Aug 1831), the middle daughter, married Benjamin ATKINS (Mar 1828 Ireland; son of John Atkins from England) and lived in KY and OH near Cincinnati OH. I do not know where they married, but it might have been back near Allentown PA. Their children were: George Leslie Atkins, Jennie Leslie Atkins, Albert Leslie Atkins, Benjamin Leslie Atkins ("L.B." was my ggpa), Anny Leslie Atkins, and Fannie Leslie Atkins. (Same middle name for all the kids!)

Jane's sisters Eliza Ann and Matilda were said to have married in Allentown PA (probably in the 1850s?) and one of their husbands was named "Harbison", which family is said to still be prominent there.

The father George probably died by 1860 since his wife was living with their married daughter Jane at that time.

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