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Subject: Re: Seeking info on annual Lemley reunion at DeQueen
Author: ronco132
Date: Sunday, June 1, 2008
Classification: Query
Surnames: Lemley

Thank you for your reply. I too live in Madison County (Huntsville) and I can assure anyone that quite a few Lemley's still inhabit the Madison and Marshall County areas. It is a shame that misleading information about all of the Lemley home places had such an impact that folks quit coming back here to look for anything. Kinda like they counted us as forever in the past. Thank you for the contact name, as I will attempt to reach the Holt's by writing them soon.

When I saw the mention of the reunion, I told my mother, who is 72, and she became very interested in attending one. Believe me, age would not prevent her from going if it was so decided.

As best as I can determine, my Lemley lineage is as follows:

My mother is Lila Lemley, daughter of Shelby C. Lemley (1903-1974), the son of Charles H. Lemley (1878-1954), who was the son of John W. Lemley (1830-1880?). John W. was the son of George Lemley (1802-1873), who was the son of John Sr. (1763-1858). Again, this is based on my research and reasoning process, which may conflict with information published previously.

I know about the homesteading of what came to be known as Lemley mountain (Section 7 Township 6S Range 2E), in fact, my mother grew up on that mountain. I have a second cousin who still owns a small tract of that land. My grandfather lived at the corner Clouds Cove Road and Bush Road. That just happens to be where sections 1,6,7 and 12 of T6S 2E intersect. That land is still held by one of his sons.

I recall reading a post associated with you that someone was once trying to locate the original Lemley family cemetery. My uncle tells a story of how the cemetery was plowed under years ago, but a grand oak tree still remains where the cemetery was. That location just happens to be several hundred yards across a field in the front of my grandfather's old house.

I am glad you have tried to collect most of the Lemley history of the area. I am sure there are quite a few
bits of information that you may have uncovered in your research that would be helpful in fill some of the holes
of my Lemley line.

Based on my limited research, I tend to agree that there is nothing conclusive about the Lemley line when they were in the Fredrick Co. VA or Fairfield District of SC. We all may have to accept the information that has come to light, to date.

I look forward to further contact with you and possibly the opportunity to look through the history of the Madison
County lines collected during your research.

Ron Cobble / /