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Subject: Names of Elected Officials in Lamar County,TX- in 1902
Author: cantorjoeocho
Date: Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Classification: Biography

This information comes from the holdings of the Texas State Archives located in the Texas State Library in Austin,TX.
I, John W. Love, County Judge of said County do hereby certify that at an election held in Lamar County on the 4th day of November, A.D.,1902, the following named persons were elected to the respective officers set opposite ther respective names and duly qualified on the dates further set opposite said names.
John W. Love County Judge Nov 20,1902 Paris TX
Dee Thompson County Clerk Dec.1, 1902 ParisTX
Clarence Sperry Clerk for the District Court Nov 22 Paris,TX
L.L. Hardison County Attorney Dec 1 1902 Paris,TX
Scott R. Galbreath County Treasurer Nov 19,1902 Paris,TX
W.G. Thompson County Surveyor Dec 1 Powderly,TX
M.S. Carpenter Sheriff Nov 22 Paris,TX
R.M. Owsley assessor of Taxes Nov 17 Paris,TX
Jno I Bullington Collector of taxes Nov 17 Paris,TX
J.R. Roach, County Supt. Public Instruction Dec 1 Paris,TX
J.W. DeWeese and J.R.G. Long Justices of the Peace Pct. 1?? ( It seems unlikely that two men would be filling one Justice of the Peace Office unless maybe somebody died in office?) The dates of certification appear as Nov 17 and 13 respectively. (Maybe they needed two justices of the peace?)
W.H. Snow Justice of the Peace Pct 2 Nov 22 at Roxton,TX
M.C. Bracken Justice of the Peace Pct 3 17 Nov at Glory,TX
M.J. Gutherie Justice of the Peace Pct. 4 Nov.17 Blossom,TX
H.G. Norvell Jujstice of the Peace, Pct. 5 20 Nov Embenson ?,TX
W.M. McFatridge Justice of the Peace, Pct 6 Maxey,TX
J.R. Baugh Justice of the Peace Pct. 7.Nov 17 Minter,TX
R. D. Andrews Justice of the Peace Pct. 8 Nov 18 Powderly,TX
J.B. Nance and Sam Gaines Public Weighers, Nov 17 Paris,TX
E.C. Hindman, Constable, Pct 1 Nov 15 Paris,TX
Frank McFatridge Constable, Pct 2 Nov 17 Roxton,TX
John H. Barker Constable, Pct.3 Dec 13 Glory,TX (?)
Geo Hill Constable Pct. 4 Dec. 12 Blossom,TX
J.M. Sullivan Constable Pct. 5 Nov. 18 Gannells or Garnells or Gannetts? TX
Fed Ausmus Constable, Pct. 6 Nov 19 Direct,TX
J.W. Polland, Constable Pct. 7 Minter,TX
J.C. Turner Constable, Pct. 8 Nov 17 Powderly,TX
J.O. Sisson County Commissioner, Pct 1 Nov 20 Paris,TX
B.B. Brashears County Commissioner Pct. 2 Nov 19 Roxton,TX
W.M. Gantt County Commissioner,Pct.3, Nov 21 Minter,TX
J.W. Pennington County Commissioner, Pct. 4 Dec 1 Chicota,TX