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Subject: Re: The Ancient Lines of Salido, Abranches and Almada tambien
Author: Peter Almada
Date: Thursday, August 24, 2006
Classification: Query
Surnames: Salido, Almada, Lara

Hello J. Antonio:

Thanks so much for the reply, and for keeping the Almada

Message Board alive!

Nuno Salido seems to be a seminal figure in Andalucian

history. I am assuming that the Siete Infantes de Lara whom

he tutored were from the House of Lara? If so, then this is

ironic, because it was the Marquis of Aguilar, Manrique de

Lara, who married Brazaida de Almada of Portugal ( a

handmaiden in the entourage of the Portuguese Queen. We're

talking 15th century)

Indeed I have the book by James Officer, and yes, he does

make the point that the Elias Gonzalez de Zayas were

separate from the Gonzalez de Zayas. (Officer, like alot

of Mexican History writers, relies heavily on the works of

Francisco R. Almada, the preeminent historian of Chihuahua)

Wow! You have a copy of the "Marriage Ban" of Bartolome

Salido?! Are you his direct descendant?

You said you had information on the Almadas who married

into the Salido family; this would include Ignacio Almada

who married Trinidad Salido, and their son, Bartolome E.

Almada, who married Antonia Cevallos y Salido.

Any other information on Salido-Almada unions?

Thanks again for all your information J. Antonio, and let me

know your progress on the Salido Project (an outstanding idea

long overdue)

Best Regards,

Peter Almada