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Subject: Re: The Ancient Lines of Salido, Abranches and Almada tambien
Author: J. Antonio
Date: Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Classification: Query

Hello Peter,

I believe her full name was Maria Lucilla de la luz Alvarado y Gonzalez de Zayas. Nuno Salido was from Andalucia, as were all of the Salidos originally. He was the teacher of the Kings seven grandsons who were called los Siete Infantes de Lara. They died along with Nuño and were buried in the same monestary during the crusades. Do a google search of Nuño Salido and you will find allot of information. Also look of La Palacio de Dean Ortega Salido.

If you have the Book by James officer you will see that he as well states that the Gonzalez de Zayas family of Alamos is seperate from the Elias Gonzalez family of Terenate. They were undoubtably relatives but we are not descended from that side. It is in the appendix. I have not found one church record or other that states Elias with the exception of Joaquin Elias Gonzalez de Zayas, in this case it was his middle name.

Also I have a copy of Bartolome Salido's dispensation for marriage and it states the names of his future inlaws as Juan Gonzales de Zayas deceased and Maria Francisca Loreto de Quiros of Alamos dated 1775. Also Bartolome was not a merchant, he was a royal treasurer and owned several haciendas and Silver mines.

I am afraid I only have information on the Almadas who married into the Salido family. I would not be able to confirm the Picture of el Chato.