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Subject: Re: The Ancient Lines of Salido, Abranches and Almada tambien
Author: Peter Almada
Date: Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Classification: Query
Surnames: Salido and Almada

Hello J. Antonio:

Wow! Thanks so much for getting back to me. Its appreciated.

This is some heady stuff you're writing!

Thanks for fact-checking Albert Stagg's "Almadas and

Alamos," I did not know "Elias" was not in our family lines.

Based on your clarification, can you confirm Luz de

Alvarado's full name (before marrying Antonio Almada y

Reyes) was Dona Luz de Alvarado y Gonzalez de Zayas?

(Stagg included the "Elias" in her name, if I remember


This "Nuno Salido" sounds like a fascinating character (a

Spanish Knight "Caballero" I presume?) What century

did Nuno live in and, according to your sources, was he

the earliest known Salido? (Vasco de Almada of Portugal,

circa 1270, was the earliest known Almada, that I know of)

Interesting that you mentioned "La Rioja" Spain, because

according to the author James E. Officer, in his "Hispanic

Arizona", the Elias family originated in La Rioja, in Soto de

los Cameros.

Back to Albert Stagg, there is a photograph in his book

"Almadas and Alamos" visually identifying El Chato Almada

(Jose Maria Tranquilino, my ggg grand cousin? Not sure

about that), but in fact, I think the photo is Toribio Almada,

his brother.

Can you confirm the above?

Thanks again for the information J. Antonio, and I look

forward to further correspondence!

Best Regards,

Peter Almada