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Subject: Re: The Ancient Lines of Salido, Abranches and Almada tambien
Author: J.Antonio
Date: Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Classification: Query

Hello Peter,

It apears our ancestors were the same. As I mentioned I have been worrking on a project on the Salido family of whom you are also a descendant. But our History (Almada and Salido) goes farther than that. Both founders Bartolome Salido and Antonio Almada y Reyes arrived in Alamos 100 years after its inception. Among the first families who settled in ALamos were the Gonzalez de Zayas Clan who have been incorrectly linked as descendants of the military General Francisco Elias Gonzalez de Zayas. These two families are seperate and allthough the General was undoubtably a relative, our line does not contain the Elias name. Although Albert Staggs writings are good this was one of a few errors I found in his book.

The Gonzalez de Zayas family along with their close kin the Campoy, Borboa, Gastelum, Valenzuela, and Quiros families made up Alamos' colonial minning elite. It is through the Gonzalez de Zayas family that the prominant Alamos families Santiago de Palomares, Almada, Salido, and Gonzalez de Cevallos families descend.

Bartolome Salido was married to Maria Barbara Gonzalez de Zayas y Quiros. Daughter of the wealthy miner Don Juan Gonzalez de Zayas and Francisca Loreto de Quiros. Barbaras sister was Petra Gonzalez de Zayas y Quiros. She married the wealthy miner and Capt. Julian de Alvardo. After their deaths Bartolome and Barbara were the care takers of their niece Luz de Alvarado your ancestor.

The Salido family is from Ubeda in the provence of Jaen in Andalusia. Yes they are related to the prominant de la Cueva( Dukes Alburquerque) family as well as the prominent Vazuez de Molina family of the aforementioned town Ubeda. The name is Patronomic and was given to the descendents of Don Nuno Salido who was killed fighting the moors in the hills of Araviana. He is entombed next to three queens of navarre as well as the seven Infantes of Lara in m.onestary in La Roija. I have traced Bartolome Back 3 generations on both sides but I am still working on my project.

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