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Subject: Re: The Ancient Line of Abranches
Author: ABHunt
Date: Sunday, July 9, 2006
Classification: Query

That project administrator is a hobbist just like anyone else on that site. While being Project Admin they can play with utility that the member of project can't.

In the Hunt surname we have a cluster of what I call Irish clan which was probably English. Rather old line in Ireland.

We have a line that was adopted into the Hunt family on another branch.

Typically the more people who get involved and including folks with a very good paper trail thing start to fall into place.

One of the biggest hurdle is all the line that are daughterd out.

To figure out the Almada and Abranches to be same line it would be recommended to have at least two male line from each family name and see how it match out. The further back in generation and being of same line the better.

In Genetic Genealogy mutation happens if it didn't we all be the same. As we are all related regardless of what your DNA result are for Genetic Genealogy.