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Subject: The Ancient Line of Abranches
Author: Peter Almada
Date: Saturday, June 10, 2006
Classification: Query
Surnames: Abranches

Hello All Almadas and related peoples:
The ancient Line of Abranches begins, according to my sources, with Joao de Abranches, son of the first Count of Avranches (the original French spelling) Alvaro Vaz de
It is a remarkable facet of Almada family history that one of the Portuguese Almadas created a second family name that endures to this day when he bequeathed the name of his lordship to his eldest son, Joao.
Joao de Abranches was Count of Oliva, and Lord of Llobregat and Albeza, and his son Alvaro de Abranches held the "mayorazgo" of the town of Almada and was General of
Tangiers (which is somewhere in North Africa, if I'm not mistaken)
The Abranches surname seems to have flourished in Brazil and there is a noted genealogist named Manuel Abranches de Soveral with a comprehensive website about Portuguese
It is my own personal theory that most of the Abranches in the world descend from that first Joao de Abranches, while
most of the Almadas in the world (whether Mexican, North
American, Portuguese, Cape Verdean, Brazilian, Spanish,
Argentinian,)descend from Alvaro Vaz de Almada.
I hope this statement is not too presumptuous, and if anyone
would like to amend the above, please by all means do so.

Obrigado and Gracias!

Peter E. Almada