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Subject: Re: Quinns of Hoboken, NJ
Author: Patricia Quinn Meigs
Date: Thursday, December 2, 2004
Classification: Query
Surnames: QUINN

p.s. - don't get frustrated, and DON'T give up! I spent 10 years searching, and never found anyone, except one distant cousin. (Our grandfathers were brothers) Then, one day, suddenly out of the sky, here came the relatives! Over the past two years, I've found tons of information and a LOT of living family.

This was a goldmine, a godsend, and the biggest present I ever got in my life. I had been told we were the last of the line, that there were no living family left anywhere in the world. How WRONG my father was! I never knew any family because of this being told to me. He hid the information for some reason.

You will never get over the feeling when you do finally make the BIG connection and find family! Patty