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Subject: Re: Quinns of Hoboken, NJ
Author: Patricia Quinn Meigs
Date: Thursday, December 2, 2004
Classification: Query
Surnames: QUINN

I think we need to stay in touch.

While the Patrick Quinn I mentioned died in Boston, it's very obvious he was named after another relative. No one is sure when this Patrick came to the U.S. It's VERY possible he (my Patrick) was a later generation that came over after the first bunch arrived.

My gr-grandfather James Quinn was born 1828. Based on the names we have extracted so far, he was most likely NOT the oldest son. (My family followed the Irish naming traditions to the letter.) Your Patrick Quinn being born in 1820 would fit in with our time line of family we are working on.

I can say that my James Quinn had a brother named Donal, born 1814. This is the majority of the family line that stayed in Ireland, and these decendants are the ones I am in contact with. We are positive he also had a brother named Patrick.

I really do think we may have some connection here. We have been searching relentlessly for the branch that went to New Jersey.

Keep in touch with me, and don't lose my email address. I talk to the family back in Ireland quite a bit, and hope to go see them maybe this coming late spring. If this turns out to be that you and I are connected, I have a bunch of info on the family in Ireland.

Watch in particular when you are digging, for the following surnames to come up: McGrath, McDade, Tunney, Cassidy, O'Leary, Murphy, Barron, Cox, Travers, Forde, McCadden. Gallagher, McGonigle, McCrory, McGowan. In particular, the Gallaghers, Fordes, and McCaddens. These three family lines married into (and vice versa) the Quinns for a good 150-200 years, tying us all together in every way. I talk to members of these relatives at least once a week.

Patricia Quinn Meigs (obviously named after all the Patricks in the family!)