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Subject: Re: James and Bolin Savage-Missouri & Texas
Author: Joseph Luther
Date: Thursday, January 12, 2006
Classification: Query

The Savages were Baptist missionaries and ALWAYS on the edge of the freontier preaching. This is probably why they moved to Texas in those early days. My ancestor, Hiram Savage was part of the Peters Colony, I think he moved to Texas in 1837. There were a lot of empressario colony projects ongoing in Texas at that time.


Frontier Times Magazine

Vol 3 # 3 December 1925

First Campmeeting In Grayson County

By Z. N. Morrell

Wonderful description of these grand old meetings which were THE highlight of the year for many weary and laboring pioneers. Particularly focuses on a large meeting held in Grayson co, TX in 1847.

Further mentions: the Rev. Mr. Brown, assisted by the Presiding Elder, Rev. Mr. Custer, held a campmeeting at Warren, in Grayson county * Jeffer­son Schuck * Andrew Davis * Casey creek * Bois d'Arc * two brothers by the name of Hiram and James Savage * Sheriman * J. A. McCutcheon, one of Wiiliam­son County's oldest pioneer settlers * Travis County * Miss Lue Noble * Rice's Crossing * P. N. McCutcheon * J. W. McCutcheon * Miss Sallie McCutcheon *
Note that Z.N.Morrell was with William Savage at the Salado Battle in 1842 in which Savage was killed.
Old Orchard Gap Primitive Baptist Church was also historically linked to the families at Forest Grove. According to the History of the Primitive Baptists in Texas, Oklahoma and Indian Territory, “Orchard Gap Church was founded in 1853 in Collin County by Elders Hiram Savage, J. E. Deatherage, John Sneede and Mark Allen, with the following members: Peter F. Lucas, G. Fitzhugh, T. B. Martin, Francis Fitzhugh, Elizabeth Fitzhugh, Amanda Fisher, Catherine Fitzhugh and W. S. Fisher.” According to his obituary, “prior to the Civil War, James Curis Lowery, the person for whom Lowery Crossing is named, taught at Orchard Gap near Forest Grove. At Orchard Gap, he boarded with Uncle Wess and Aunt Patsy Kirby.” The church stood on land on the James Grayum survey. The site today is occupied by the water tower on FM 1378 just north of White Rock Trail.
McKinney, Hiram C.
Ratten, Sarah Ann
14 Sept 1847
18 Sept 1847
Hiram Savage, B.P.
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