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Subject: One Great Family (OGF), is a rip-off.
Author: onlygramplovedme
Date: Saturday, February 20, 2010
Classification: Query

I subscribed for the monthly plan. Since I had not really applied my self I extended my membership by buying the plan at a discount price, They debted my credit card account each month without sending an email bill and they continued until I discoverd the charges. Then while trying to fix this problem I could not find an email address or phone N#. Clicking on contact took me to another page telling me to email my complaint or I could leave a message...Try as I might I never spoke to a person in charge only to very rude operators, whose answers to questions they weren't preparded to answer,hung up or refused to answer my repeated phone calls...everybody screens calls, but during work?! Ultimately, my bank notified that there were 3 maybe 4 deposits to my account which were sent directly to my bank. The remaining too many months were GIVEN as in YOU WILL ACCEPT THESE, as free monthly extensions, which I have lost count of. This company, in my opinion is a real bottom feeder building their swindling compnay on the backs of lay genealogists who do genealogy for a hobby and perhaps would rather not be $ scammed in this manner. To date no one person has contacted me. It would have been a better idea to give me my money back(the lack of which indicated to me that they didn't have enough money to give back) and let me go on my way. For as many times as I have offered criticism to companies, I have normally remembered something nice for me to relay to their superiors on the primise that when you are good you are very good!

I have deleted the very few files that I had uploaded on OGF. All of the info OGF said they "found" was already reported by me to my ancestry a/c, other information came from"free" sites such as SSDI; which again, I had found.

Again in my opinion....don't throw good money after bad by subscribing to OGF. I have been researcing for 18 years or so. I am a bit more experienced that the averege Joe the Plumber that comes out from under the sink and I got taken, so becareful with whom you hook up with....You don't need to hook up with Madam so and so from Nigeria who has a couple of million to share with you....all you have to do is watch out for our own home grown sacmmers