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Subject: Re: STAFIEJ
Author: Robert Jerin
Date: Sunday, September 4, 2005
Classification: Query

The surname is Polish.

Those who arrived at Ellis Island came from those parts of Russia and Habsburg Empire that had been part of the Polish Empire prior to 1770s. And part of what is now Belorus was actually Poland. NOTE some were mistranscribed at Ellis Is as Staficj often lower case c and e are mistaken for one another.

Even people in the same family have skin tones of all ranges. And many of our hard working ancestors had occupations that may have caused their skin to darken. Typically when they came from Europe they were peasant farmers where they spent hours out of doors.

I notice that this is your first query on so..the best way to determine origins is not by asking for a simple answer but by some dilligent research. Those simple answers are what "family tales" are made of :) And if you are interested in doing that you may want to look at info found on the net re STAFIEJ

So what was your Grandfather's first name? Did he come to America? When? Where did he settle?