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Subject: Rounds/Pickering Family
Author: Dulcie
Date: Saturday, January 29, 2005
Classification: Query
Surnames: Rounds, Pickering, O'Connor, Stewart, Rodan, Tabuakovei, Ryder, Hicks, Danford, Dunn, Chambers, Morel

Just recently I've been doing some research on the Rounds family.

So far this is what I've got:

Charles Pickering b. 1814, Sydney, NSW, Australia married Burekaria Tabuakovei. Their daughter Frances/Fanny Pickering married Charles Rounds in Nov 1856. Charles Rounds was born about 1836 in New Bedford, Bristol, MA, USA.

Charles Rounds and Fanny Pickering had 10 children: Charles, Louisa, Joseph, George, Josephine, Thomas, William, Arthur, John, and a nameless child.

I've got records for Charles Rounds II (married Helena Ryder), Thomas (married Mariana Hicks), William (m. Rosalini Danford) and the last nameless child who I think is Issac Rounds (married Jessie Dunn)

Other records I have that I cannot link to any of the 10 children are:

David Pius Rounds, b. 1912, father Joseph Rounds. Married Magaret Chambers. Three children: Melton, Joseph Michael and John William.

Issac Rounds, b. 1908. Parents: John Rounds and Rose OR Rosie Maria Morel.

Josephine Rounds, b. 1800. Married: Benjamin Wise on 2 May 1922.

I cannot link my great grandfather, David Rounds (b. abt. 1900) who married Ruth O'Connor around 1920.

I've looked up Adventurous Spirits Sample of Fiji settlers and the Cyclopedia of Fiji 1907. Only the former have entries of Charles Pickering and Charles Rounds, although more information on Pickering which included citations I have to follow up on.

I would be happy to hear from anyone who has the Rounds or Pickering family tree. I know that a Rounds family tree has be done but I don't know how to get a copy of it.

Also would anyone know how far the Registrations Office keeps records. Also recently they have been opening early and closing late instead of 8.30am - 4.30pm they now operate from 7am - 6pm.