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Subject: Re: Rev. William WARNOCK II - what religion?
Author: Virginiabeck51
Date: Friday, August 1, 2003
Classification: Query

I too descend from William James Warnock, b.1746, County Tyrone, Ireland. I have done years of research, and made contact with many other Warnock descendants, and wish to prevent those who have responded to this inquiry from following the 'wrong' Warnock line (as I did early in my research).
Evidence is strong that the two Warnock families of concern to us moved to Ireland from Scotland: one in the 1600s, whose descendants lived in County Down; the other at an unknown time whose descendants ended up in County Tyrone. The two may have been related in Scotland, but no connection has been found, nor has anything been found to later connect the two families in Ireland. No earlier record has been found for "our" William James or his ancestors in Ireland, althrough three generations of descendants have gone there for research. His birthplace is often given as "Chippah", however that is not, nor ever was, a place name in County Tyrone. The closest is "Cappagh", which I believe must be the correct name. Some researchers have mingled these two Warnock lines, resulting in much confusion.
From Linda Miller, I have a well documented genealogy of her ancestor, Hugh Warnock, b. 1717 in Ballyferries, County Down, and his son William b. 1745, just a year earlier than 'our' County Tyrone William James. This County Down family HAS been traced to Scotland in the 1600s. This William, however, did not immigrate to America, and is buried in County Down. His son John, b. 1791, immigrated to Canada in 1834, and several of his grandchildren followed to both the U.S. & Canada in the 1830s.
Our William James Warnock immigrated before 1773, prob. first to North Carolina. Family legend says he was with Daniel Boone on his first, failed attempt to establish a colony in Kentucky in 1773. In "History of Kentucky", the historian Collins related
that "in March 1857, a Mr. Warnock, then 79 years of age, made oath that he saw Daniel Boone, at a point about one & one-half miles up Little Sandy River, cut down a tree out of which he made a canoe when he started on his way to his new home in Missouri". (Because the age works out right, this Mr. Warnock was probably James, b 1781, son of William James). William was one of the first settlers in Greenup, his oldest son born there in 1776.
Nothing I have ever found suggests that William James had the title "Reverend". I re-read my extensive notes and sources, and could find only two references to any religion. In the third generation, one descendant was a Baptist, and a 'married-in' son-in-law was a Methodist.
I would like very much to add any descendants of William James to my database, and will be happy to exchange information with my cousins. Contact me directly at Regards, Virginia