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Subject: Re: beware OneGreatFamily
Author: Peter_Whitehead40
Date: Sunday, November 4, 2012
Classification: Query

Update on OGF:
1. Lodged a transaction dispute form with my credit card bank
2. Started lodging complaints with as many bodies as possible:
a. Internet Crime Complaint Center IC3
b. SCAMwatch at Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
c. Facebook, Twitter and genealogical sites that seem to be related
d. Utah Better Business Bureau (BBB) – they responded promptly (noting that 61% of complaints against OGF were related to finances/accounts) and passed my complaint to OGF who came back within 24 hours advising OGF had closed my account and would even consider pro-rata refund!! A check of my OGF account revealed that “Account is currently on HOLD due to Invalid Billing Status” so will see over following years if they validate my status and start direct debiting my card again. They acknowledged that I had attempted to close the account within the 7 day free trial period but had not responded to their request “to click on the URL at which point the customer enters their username and password and their account is cancelled”. They did not comment on my claim that clicking the URL produced (and still does) a request to phone 1-800-489-0932, a number I have never been able to get through on.

Interesting to note that they have now a new web site – – which contains
• New address and telephone numbers
• No option to use a email/electronic cancellation process after the 7 day free period – must telephone
• Many motherhood statements such as “For a reputable company…transparency is critical and we publish information regarding complaints we receive and resolutions we provide…” Emailed request for location of the published information went unanswered – possibly they have a block on my emails?

My local Police Sergeant describes them as a “low level Nigerian scam” because of the advanced-fee/upfront payment with a convoluted withdrawal process.