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Subject: Gowen Surname
Author: gowenmusic
Date: Saturday, January 5, 2013
Classification: Query
Surnames: Gowen Goins


I've been researching my lineage and I reached a point of uncertainty. Looking for anyone who can shed light on where I'm at and the accuracy.

In descending order:
Orvill Gowen Sr, b 1913 Missouri
Carl Manning Gowen, b. 1888 Missouri
Sherman Gowen, b. 1833 Missouri
Isaac T. Gowen b.1829 Missouri
Isaac John Gowen, B.1797 Virginia d.1886 Illinois
Jacob Gowen, b. 1760 Virginia

**where I become weary in regards to accuracy.

David Goins, b.1730 Virginia
Edward Gowens (Goins)
William Thomas Gowen
Michael Mihil Gowen, b.1633 Yorktown Virginia
John "Gaeween" Gowen b.1615 Angola
Dago Gonwelao b.1591 Angola

If anyone might have ANY information I would appreciate discussing further.

Reach me at

Michael Gowen