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Subject: Re: do not now my side of the caraballo family
Author: LHCaraballo
Date: Thursday, July 17, 2003
Classification: Query

Hello My Name is Louis Caraballo. It would be spelled a bit different as Luis Caravayo. I have done my Family Tree and have a lot to tell you if you are Ready Doc is it. It was told to me that Don Caraballo was a land owner and was also a Slave owner. He was a Mans Man. Had some Women in his day. Also owned many slaves before the Spanish American War. My Great grandfather had some ladies in his life and was a Bigimist and had nine wives and somes 72 Children. I am a Product of him. My name is Luis Enrique Caravayo I spell it to many as it is should be. Louis Henry Caraballo. He was very wealthy and raised all his Families OK. Made them all work and made them all work hard. I remember stories my Grandfather told me about the Slaves coming home and them getting beaten sometimes till Death. He was a very Cruel man. He was a Women abuser and a Child Abuser to. He was a Son of a Bitch. He still would take care of his families and made his Boys Work to get his wealth. Have you ever heard this Story? Just tell me maybe it is not true. I am at tell me something OK Cousin Love you even though you may not respond. LOU