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Subject: 902 Burials/Phots for St Joseph Cemetery, Burlington, Vt
Author: barb_destromp
Date: Friday, November 23, 2007
Classification: Query

I have just added 902 burials with photos for St. Joseph Cemetery in Burlington Vt. There now is 1132 entries for this cemetery. These all can be located at the Free Site below:

Note that this cemetery is not complete, I was able to go recently and photograph what I could one afternoon. This is a fairly large cemetery and was opened about 1830 when the land was given by A W Hyde to the Catholics in Burlington (this was noted on his stone).

All surnames:

Abare, Ahearn, Allen, Andrews, Angolano, Arbuckle, Atkinson, Austin, Babcock, Bacon, Barra, Barett, Barron, Barry, Bashaw, Basiliere, Bearor, Bears, Beatty, Bennett, Bernardini, Bessette, Billups, Bissonette, Blair, Boardman, Bove, Boyle, Brault, Breen, Bridgeman, Brigham, Brodie, Brown, Brunell and Brunelle, Bryan, Brynes, Burke, Burns, Butler, Calowell, Campbell, Canton, Cardinal, Carney, Carroll, Cartier, Casey, Cassidy, Charland, Chase, Clark, Clay, Coeg, Collins, Collison, Conlin, Connell, Connor and Connors, Contois, Coonerty, Cooney, Coonrad, Corbett, Corey, Corley, Corrigan, Corvin, Cosvin, Cosgrove, Costello, Cotter, Crandall, Crooker, Cross, Crowley, Cummings, Cupolie, Curtis, Cushing, Cushman, Dady, Dahl, Dapo, Dapo-Charbonneau, Deady, Deforge, Delanley, Delorme, Demeritt, Deming, Denning, DePaul, Devoy, Dion, Dixon, Doheny, Dolan, Donahue, Donlin, Donnell, Donnelly, Dooley, Finn, Finnerin, Finnessy, Finnigan, Flangan, Flannery, Flood, Flynn, Foley, Francis, French, Frost, Gadue, Garrison, Garroty, Gaudreau, Gaynor, Gearin, Gelinas, George, Gerrish, Gillis, Gleason, Godin, Golden, Goodwin, Gorman, Greaney, Griffin, Grogan, Haley, Hall, Hallihan, Hanlon, Harney, Hartnett, Harvey, Haskins, Henessey and Hennesy, Hennigan, Hill, Hinkley, Hoffman, Hogan, Horton, Hoyt, Hunt, Hurson, Hyde, Hyland, Ignaszewski, Johnson, Kane, Keily, Kelley and Kelly, Kennedy, Khowry, Kidder, Killin, King, Kirby, Kirkbride, Kudiesy, LaBonte, LaClair and LaClare, LaCross, LaFlam, LaFontaine, Latagne, Laparl, LaPierre, LaRochelle, Latour, LaValley, Lavelle, Lavery, Lawrence, Lawrent, Leary, Lee, Lefevre, Leonard, Lessor, Leveigne, Linsenmeir, Lonergan, Ludwig, Lynch, Madigan, Mann, Marengo, Marrion, Martell, Martoni, Mason, Mazza, McAuliffe, McAvoy, McCaffrey, McCale, McCarty, McClane, McDonald, McDonnell, McElroy, McEvoy, McGarghan, McGetrick and McGettrick, McGillicuddy, McGinity, McGowan, McGrath, McGreevy, McHugh, McKanna, McKenna, McKeon, McKeough, McMahon, Medlar, Mercier, Meville, Michaud, Miles, Mills, Mitchell, Monniere, Moore, Moquin, Moran, Moylan, Muir, Mulcahy, Mulliken, Mullens, Mulqueen, Murphy, Myers, Nash, Navel, Newton, Nolan, Nowland, O'Brien, O'Brine, O'Connor, O'Donahoe, O'Grady, O'Halloran, O'Hara, O'Keefe, O'Malley, O'Mara, O'Neil, O'Sullivan, Obrine, Pecor, Perron, Phillips, Pickett, Pinney, Ploof, Poirier, Poulin, Powers, Pratt, Prince, Proctor, Provost, Prudenzano, Quilliam, Quinn, Quintin, Ravey, Ray, Ready, Reardon, Redington, Rhone, Rice, Roach, Robinson, Roche, Rose, Ross, Rounds, Roy, Russell, Ryan, Salois, Savage, Sawyer, Shea, Sheridan, Sibley, Simon, Skahen, Smith, Snow, Sourdiff, Sparks, St. Amour, St. Michel, Stackpole, Stafford, Starr, Stoll, Stone, Suitor, Sullivan, Tague, Tarney/Tierney, Taylor, Teague, Tetreau, Tooles, Trepanier, Tromblay, Trono, Tucker, Tulley, Varricchione, Veraneault, Walker, Wall, Walsh, Ward, Warren, Watson, Weingartner, Welch, Whalen, Wheeler, Whitney, Wiggins, Wilbur, Wilkinson, Williams, Winkel and Wood.