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Subject: Re: Lumsden, Lumsdain, Leslie, Fifeshire, Scotland
Author: anisa ali
Date: Sunday, November 23, 2014
Classification: Query
Surnames: lumsden, kidd, ringin

Hi. I believe I may be of relation Janet Lumsden. However, some of the information you provided was different from mine. My ancestor, with the same exact name and whom was also born in Fifeshire, Scotland married one of my greats, Andrew Ringin. & the birth date I have for Janet was 1836.
Also the names of Janets siblings are the same, but some are missing from mine such is Edward and Margaret.
- They are the children of John Lumsden and Mary Kidd.
The family also relocated to Australia, which is where I am born and raised.

I find some of the similarities much too alike for them to not be the same family!

Please check my family tree to see more.
Hope to hear from you soon.
- Anisa