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Subject: Re: John Mayo (1598-1676) on MA - proof of parents sought
Author: Jean Mayo-Lakatos
Date: Sunday, June 8, 2003
Classification: Query

Concerning Rev. John Mayo marrying Thomasine Lumpkin, widow of William Lumpkin, between 1671 and 1676, I have been unable to prove or disprove that theory:

1. No marriage record could be found in Boston or anywhere on Cape Cod for Rev. John Mayo and Thomasine Lumpkin for the time period of 1671 - 1676, after the death of William Lumpkin.

2. No death or burial records could be found for: Thomasine Lumpkin, William Lumpkin, Rev. John Mayo, or Tamisen Mayo anywhere on Cape Cod. We know from will and estate records that William Lumpkin died in Yarmouth, MA. in ca. 1671, and that Rev. John Mayo died in Yarmouth, MA. in May of 1676. William Lumpkin left widow, Thomasine Lumpkin. Rev. John Mayo left widow, Tamisen Mayo.

3. There is a record in Yarmouth, MA. of a Mis Mayho who died in Yarmouth, MA. on Feb. 26, 1682, who we assume to be the widow of Rev. John Mayo; however, her first name was not given.

4. I have a marriage record in Leiden, Holland that I believe to be the marriage record for Rev. John Mayo and his wife, Tamisen ( Tamsen ), on March 21, 1618. I am doing follow-up research in Holland on this marriage record, to try to establish further proof that this marriage record pertains to Rev. John Mayo...or even rule it out. If I can prove that, then it would appear that Tamisen would have been his one and only wife probably...and it would be doubtful then that he had married Thomasine Lumpkin, the widow of William Lumpkin.

5. Some say that Tamsen, Tamisen, and Thomasine are rare names in England. I have done extensive research in England on numerous lines of my family tree, and I have seen it used quite a bit in those times there.

So that's where we stand at the present time!

Jean Mayo-Lakatos.