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Subject: Keller, Schaeffer
Author: ellawins3
Date: Friday, April 16, 1999
Classification: Query
Surnames: Keller, Schaeffer

I have accepted the Johan Peter Keller family genealogy as written and published in "Pennsylvania Genealogies" by Egle at face value and, being so far away from the localities involved, have not tried to verify the data by documentation other than that. If anyone has access to any of the verification, I hope you will post the documents to the Keller boards on GenWeb. The only part that I have real family records knowledge of is concerning the descendants of Anna Maria Keller and William Kurtz. Some of their relatives include Schaeffer and Bidleman/Beitleman. The families all lived in Lancaster, Snyder, Juniata, Schuylkill and adjacent counties.