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Subject: Re: scanned copy of out of print book Many Cookes and their Broth, by Charles Cooke
Author: Marie Beckman
Date: Sunday, November 19, 2017
Classification: Query
Surnames: Blackwell, Cook, Cooke

My Kit at GEDmatch is A718647 and my sisters is A899886

I am going to send you a message with the other Cook's GEDmatch numbers in it. We have about 7 off of Wm C Cook & Elizabeth Putman's line who have tested

While your Dad doesn't match me or my sister(We are thru their son Wm G -thru his son Thomas D)
He does match 2 of my 2nd Cousins once removed who are paternal siblings(Cook line) and who descend thru their son Wm G Cook but thru his son Wm Clarence Cook.
No match from the Joseph K. Cook branch or the Cass B Cook branch though I was able to find shared matches thru the AncestryDNA tab that are shared which look to have Blackwell in common and likely Cook. I did also notice that we have other lines in Common but they are on my PGM side while the Cook line is my PGF side.

I have a share link to one of Wm C. ---Wm Green Cook---Wm. Clarence Cook's line and can see you and your Dad shown as matches there on his.

--Marie Cooke Beckman