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Subject: scanned copy of out of print book Many Cookes and their Broth, by Charles Cooke
Author: Donna_Arcara
Date: Sunday, April 6, 2014
Classification: Query

This 1967 book published by my cousin, Charles Cooke, covered a genealogical outline of our Cooke family of Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. I scanned the entire book, Many Cookes and their Broth, into a pdf file, with a second pdf file that included the larger pages of charts, to send to a cousin. Using the free service of (for sending large files) the following link will be live for 7 days (until April 13, 2014) for anyone who wants to download a copy. I don't pay for the file sharing service, so the link will expire after the 7 days.

The book is 6x9, and here is the link to those pages:

Here is the link to the charts and some correspondence to my great grandmother, which suggested a few additions and changes to the book. The charts are extremely tight on the pages... they were far oversized and I scanned them the best I could.

I assume it's ok to share an out of print book to be used in this manner; if anyone thinks this is not ok, let me know and I will delete the thread. I just thought there may be cousins who would love to get the information that my cousin worked so hard to compile and the copies aren't easily available, not being in many libraries.

Donna Arcara
(great-granddaughter of Martha Evelyn Cooke Garner,