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Subject: Re: Canute name change to Canup, Canupp etc.
Author: ahp247
Date: Tuesday, May 4, 2004
Classification: Query
Surnames: Canup/Cannup/Kanupp

hi, my great-great grandmother was Susan Mahaley Kenup born in North Carolina. Her parents were Abel Kanupp and Martha Hedrick. Abel was the son of Martin Kanupp. Martin was the son of Thomas Sr.. my grandmother and greataunt have always told me they were part Cherokee on their mom's side, Laura Hedrick, daughter of Susan Kenup. Laura and Susan were always dark all year round. i found an annie canup born in rockwall, texas who would be a cousin to Martin and she applied for entry into the Cherokee Nation. I am in the process of ordering her complete application which will tell us her Cherokee relations.