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Subject: Re: Canute name change to Canup, Canupp etc.
Author: wndlucky3
Date: Tuesday, May 4, 2004
Classification: Query
Surnames: Canute name change to Canup, Canupp

Very interesting Attachment!
I got the last name "Canute" from a search in " The Church of Latter-day Saints".
I was searching for a Jennette Canup/Canupp, twin} aunt}.
When I have more time I will search for the " Canout" last name. It has been said we decended from Indian! Blackfoot & Cherokee. Blackfoot I have been unable to find anything on.
Thank you for the post, please keep me informed!
May I ask ? Your relationship with Canup/Canupp/ etc.?

Good Luck,
Wanda Canupp/Carter