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Subject: Re: Menezes
Author: penmack2
Date: Monday, April 30, 2012
Classification: Query
Surnames: Menezes/Mendes and Carvaltio or Carvalho

I too am trying to do my in laws family history with its orgins in Goa... this i do know

My father in law was born jose calazancio Menezes 1947. His father was Ligirio Trindade Menezes

Mother: Maria Lilia Henriqueta Mendes

Her parents were Santan Piedade Mendes and Ana Paula Carvaltio or Carvalho not sure of the correct spelling.

On the paternal side of the family i do know his father was Antonio Caetano Menezes.

But thats as far as i have gotten

Interested if anyone can help me