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Subject: Watson DUBRELL Mull
Author: Bobbi
Date: Wednesday, January 22, 2003
Classification: Query

I'm looking for the half-sibling of my grandmother. She was left at a foundling home in St. Louis, Missouri, and raised by a foster family in Carlinville, Illinois.

After much to-do my cousin got a birth certificate showing she was the illigitimate child of FLORENCE DUBRELL and GEORGE COOPER both of St. Louis, Missouri.

To make a long story, well it's still kind of long, but I'm trying to leave out a bunch and have it still make sense!

FLORENCE DUBRELL b.1894 is the daughter of KATE KRAUSS DUBRELL MERSEBURGER (after that I've lost her) and HENRY DUBRELL.

Florence is living with her mother (Kate Merseburger - Henry must have died, no further records) at her grandfather's home in 1910 census. BUT, she is also listed as an inmate (unwed mother?) in a home with 12 young women and 5 female "mission workers".

ALSO, a child is mentioned in paper work from the foundling home as living with Florence (who was separated from her husband) and the baby (my grandmother) being too much for her to take care of. Not sure of sex, but once it mentions "son".

This is the first lead I have had on the child who would have been born in 1910 or 1911. OK, so I'm wishing for the moon - it took several years to track down Florence!

Write soon, Bobbi :)