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Subject: "Murray" Spencer c.1895-on,b. Michigan---anyone familiar w/ this man?
Author: dimari1
Date: Friday, July 12, 2019
Classification: Query

Seek info on a "Murray" Spencer. He supposedly was from Michigan. In 1924 was in Calif., involved w/ a Miss Marie W. Wright. She had a son by "Murray", named Ralph Wilkinson Spencer, b. 1925, in San Diego, CA. I know ALL from Ralph,on down to today, but TRYING to FIND the elusive "Murray". No records on him, might be he used a middle or nickname of "Murray", when his real given 1st name was something else, therefore not locate-able in the Censuses. Only hoping SOMEONE out here Recognizes this couple & their son & maybe knows family info on said "Murray". Am attempting to push back the Spencer line to its origins, but need to know to Whom "Murray" was born, & when / where. Also if he married, later-on, & then had other kids--who was his wife, & children--as might be easier to trace back their dad's Spencers thru them as opposed to Murray, directly?! Any info or clues, at all, would be helpful. Marie & Ralph show-up in her mom's house in the 30s, & w/ her husband in 1940, in CA, but "Murray" is nowhere---even when I loosen the constraints on the Cenuses, w/ vague locations, dates, using just M initial, etc., I only find a "Maurice Murray Spencer" in Michigan & maybe 3 or 4 more "Murrays" in the entire U.S., but in wrong area of the country, or wrong era of yrs. lived, etc. Just stumped, so hoping some "family" members might see this & add to my knowledge of "Murray"! Thanks for Any assistance, at all!!! Diane M. Spencer